I've read that the Chichu monster type makes one of the best COM classes in the game. Where are they located so that I can tame them? And about what level do I need to be to stand a chance of taking them out with 4 or 5 stars?


According to the strategy guide, you can find Chichu in the Archlyte Steppe -??? AF-. In order to get its crystal, you need the Improved Moogle Throw fragment skill. If you have it, throw Mog into a patch of red flowers on the Plains of Eternity.

Because the Chichu monster crystal is one of a few only found using Mog, you don't fight it, so you could theoretically be any level as long as you have the improved Moogle Throw (which you get with the Mog's Manifestation fragment) and access to the Archlyte Steppe -??? AF-.

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