I recently bought a game though GameFly, and I never actually downloaded the game. Now I would like to get a refund. May I return and get a refund, and if so then how do I go about getting my refund?

If not, what other alternatives are there? Such as Steam trading, etc. I just want my money back, or most of it.

Another possible alternative would be to exchange it for a different game. Can I do this? Thank you.

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GameFly seems to pass the buck and their FAQ says:

Your game activation is supported by your Game Publisher. GameFly Customer Support does not have access to assist you with this activation.

However, if it's a Steam game, and you activated the game on your Steam account, there's no going back - it's permanently yours. You can't trade the game if you've activated it to your account. Trading only works with gifts that you've not activated on your account already.

I think the exception to this rule is in European countries, there might be a short-term "out" due to the laws being different there. I don't live in Europe so I can't really comment on how this would change the situation. I also don't know how the GameFly involvement would complicate things, but I'd suggest contacting Steam Support if you're a European gamer.

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    Even with the EU regulations, you still can't get a refund on Steam games (other than pre-orders) from EU countries.
    – TZHX
    Feb 4 '12 at 13:46
  • Not the answer I was looking for, but a good answer nonetheless. Thank you!
    – gameaddict
    Feb 6 '12 at 2:04

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