Long story short, I ended up getting lost in Seiklus and fell into some water. As soon as I started swimming around, I noticed a fish following me.enter image description here

It doesn't hurt me in any way, but I'm wondering:

Is there a reason this fish is following me?


It means you found the Fish Medallion! Congratulations!

Yeah, the fish that follows you around is completely useless, as far as I can tell. The walkthrough found on the game's FAQ page also says so:

Section 3: The Sea [...]

You will fall down really far into a giant lake of fish. Immediately swim all the way to the right to find a rope. Climb up it to find a treasure chest that holds the Fish Medallion. When you jump back down into the water, a fish will be following you! It doesn’t serve any purpose, but it is cute.

  • Aww... I was hoping it maybe unlocked some secret passage for me to reach the goal of my other question. lol – Niro Feb 5 '12 at 0:10

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