What is the Coliseum for? I only have the option to fight against Omega as I had the Amazon pre-order. Is it planned to be used only for other DLC battles, or does it integrate into the story somehow?

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There are two versions of the Coliseum: one to the far left of the Historia Crux and one that appears in line with the main story gates.

Far left Coliseum

This is used for DLC. Periodically, Square-Enix releases an opponent you can face in the Coliseum which allows you to collect their monster crystal. Currently, you can face the following opponents:

  • Omega
  • Lightning & Amodar
  • Nabaat
  • Ultros & Typhon
  • Gilgamesh
  • PuPu
  • Snow
  • Valfodr

Main story Coliseum

You take a short detour here to collect a fragment as part of the events that occur in Episode 3, Part II. While there, you can collect a number of treasure spheres.

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