In Team Fortress 2, there is an option to automatically reload your weapon as soon as you stop firing. Furthermore, reloading can be interrupted by firing, and (except for the Force-a-Nature) reloading does not waste ammo.

Are there any reasons to disable auto-reloading, or to use the manual reload key?

I can only think of two itsy-bitsy ones:

  • Visual distraction (and if that's a problem, better off disabling viewmodels?)
  • As a Spy, creating opportunities to fake-reload
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I have auto-reload disabled in my spy.cfg because when I'm using the Ambassador, the reload animation obscures the reticule, which slows me down when I'm trying to set up the second headshot needed to finish off some of the tougher classes.

In your spy.cfg file (Steam\steamapps\\team fortress 2\tf\cfg\spy.cfg):

cl_autoreload "0"

In all the other classes:

cl_autoreload "1"

(By the way, you're right, viewmodels off would also solve this problem, I just like them better on.)

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Auto reload can be a put-off in some situations. For example, if you're a scout with the Force-a-Nature, or the Soda Popper, guns that when reloading will discard all shells loaded, turning on auto reload wastes bullets.

Turning off auto-reload will prevent you from wasting the bullets, and help conserve ammo in otherwise tight situations.


There are a few reasons to not auto reload. As stated above, it can waste ammo with a certain few weapons. Also, some reload animations can obscure view, much like revolvers and rocket launchers (excpetion being the Original).

Other than that, it is all opinion based. There are plenty of weapons that only have one shot per load, so they will already auto load after firing a shot, and some that do not even need to reload, so they are not included.

(I disabled it becuase I found it annoying, and prefered to reload when I wanted to reload.)

Other than the chance to loose a shot on two specific weapons, everything else is opinion based. Some people might complain about the obscured view, while others might be fine with it. Some people might like to be more in control of the game, while some others are fine with reloading when ever. Mostly opinion based.

NOTE: This could easily change if there was a weapon that had altered stats depending on the number of bullets left in the clip, or a gun that punished you for reloading with bullets left in the clip.


Auto reload can be annoying - if you are in a sticky situation and you need to pop a few more rockets or stickies you might have a problem with reloading.

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    -1 this is not true at all, as you can shoot through reloading unlike most games.
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