In Skyrim, after beginning the "Battle for Whiterun" and exiting the Palace of the Kings, the courier runs up to me and delivers a Letter of Inheritance. He says, "Here is a letter and a lot of gold - oh, and, sorry for your loss".

However, the letter is blank! All it says is "In the name of the Jarl" and nothing else. I feel like there should be more, but I can't be certain. I'm afraid that after the Lydia running away incident after I got married to someone else (read my other question for more details), she seemed very emotionally unstable/upset, and that maybe when discovering that I had chosen to battle Whiterun, it was too much for her and she committed suicide! That would be terrible!

Is this a bug or is the letter supposed to be blank? Did Lydia commit suicide? I cannot figure out if there is supposed to be a mystery or if this is just a game bug.

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It is a bug. Normally it is sent by a follower, spouse, or other NPC you have befriended.

According to the wiki, it should contain this:

<Character's name>, In the name of <Jarl's name>, it is with great regret that we inform you of <NPC's name> death. The deceased has bequeathed unto you a measure of inheritance in the amount of <number> gold pieces.

The Jarl's court has levied an amount of <number> gold pieces from the sum, as the lawfully and honorably due tax. The remainder has been commended unto the care of a trusted courier for deliverance.

While all of the Jarl's court grieves with you on this day, we rejoice in the knowledge that the deceased was in possession of dear friends and wealth to communicate unto them.

May this lawfully bestowed inheritance prove as a reminder of your enduring faith in one another, and of the Jarl's beneficence accorded unto you both.


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