So far in FF13-2, the battle system seems the same as the one used in FF13. Are there any differences between the two systems?


There are several differences, some major, some minor:

  • No Eidolons

  • Several paradigm role abilities have been removed or consolidated

  • Paradigm shifts are much faster and do not have heavy animations involved in them

  • Party AI within each paradigm can be tuned to focus on one enemy or area-of-effect attacks

  • Deterministic pre-emptive strikes via the Mog Clock: you decide how to engage most non-boss battles

  • Incorporation of cinematic action sequences (read: quick-time events)

  • No permanent third party member: replaced with a "paradigm pack" of monsters, which allows one of three monsters to be switched out mid-battle depending on your paradigm deck

  • Monsters have "feral link" abilities (read: limit breaks)

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