While in the Super Dragonfly stance (spinning his sword like a helicopter far overhead), Yoshimitsu has an attack that is listed in the movelist as KK. All this does is the same thing as the normal K attack, except that he doesn't damage himself at the end and stays on his feet. This is much more useful than the standard version.

The problem is, I have no clue how to execute it. If I mash K as fast as I can, he always falls. The 2 or 3 times (out of 100 attempts in training mode) I've actually gotten this command to execute properly, I couldn't emulate it immediately afterwards.

What is the timing for the second press of K? There is also a just version of this attack as well, but I would be fine just being able to consistently execute the normal version without damaging myself.

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The proper time to hit the second K is slightly before his feet are about to hit the ground (but definitely before his feet hit the ground).

Doing this was particularly difficult if I was trying to perform it off to the side of an enemy - I actually found it much more reliable to practice this as part of a combo. I suspect this is due to the zoomed-out camera shake when you have distance and are moving quickly vertically.

I'd recommend getting close to an enemy, using his 1B launcher, his 8A into Super Dragonfly, then immediately hit K for the kick. You'll come down and hit your opponent; try and time it so that you hit the second K right as you make contact with your opponent. This will allow you to get a feel for exactly when it should be hit.

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