I've noticed that you can upgrade your accessories to either delicate or durable versions. It seems like the delicate is completely useless though. It costs a lot more gil, and the delicate versions seem to be weaker: the Power Wristband normally gives you +10% strength, the Durable Power Wristband gives you +12%, but the Delicate Power Wristband only gives you +8%, which seems like a downgrade. Is there any advantage to them? What's the point?

  • Don't they also have an additional attribute, like an ATB bonus? – bwarner Feb 14 '12 at 17:50
  • @bwarner: Not that I noticed. If so, that'd probably be the answer. – Ullallulloo Feb 14 '12 at 17:51

The purpose of delicate items is to decrease the amount of points the accesory uses.

Normally a Power Wristband uses 30 points so you can only equip 1 on a low level character with 50 points. However a Delicate Power Wristband uses 25 points so you can equip 2 basically giving you 6% extra strength or ofcourse allowing you to use a different kind of delicate item. The same goes for stronger items who by default take 55 or 70 points. Also making items delicate or durable allows you to have a greater variety of accessories equipped making your character suited for all kinds of combat.

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A Delicate Power Wristband costs 25 capacity. When capacity is 100 (choose by crystarium) you can equip a 4x delicate power wristband. However, a 4x delicate power wristband will give you the vampiric killer effect, which will cure your damage by 5% of the damage you give every time you attack.

This is really cool.

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