For the quest "Breaching Security", you're to kill Gaius Maro (preferably in a town) and then place a letter on his body.

I followed him to Solitude and transformed into a werewolf to kill him, to avoid the bounty. I then ran outside to transform back, planning to return inside Solitude then.

When I got back in however, the marker for his body seems to be underground, near where I killed him. It's not a door marker. Is this a glitch where his body has disappeared, or has his body been moved somewhere (like the Hall of the Dead)?

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It is likely that his body is indeed underground. Werewolf attacks often fling corpses behind objects, or it could've been a glitch during area transition. Are you playing on the PC? If yes, then you can move his body to yourself by typing prid 44051 followed by moveto player in the console. Otherwise your best bet would be to reload a save prior to killing him or leaving the area, if you have one. On the PC, a backup copy of your previous quicksave is kept, which you can restore by removing the second .bak extension. Perhaps a similar technique could be used on a console.

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