I am playing a lot of League of Legends at the moment, and what I don't like is the lack of voice communication in it. I want to be able to get people to my server without having to have too much hassle.

Here is what I plan to do:

  1. Point people to a website I make. There should be the details to connect (password, etc) if people want to enter by themselves.
  2. If people want to connect faster, have them click some kind of a link that should do the connecting for them.

Is it possible to host bookmarks that connects to to a TeamSpeak server with password and channel, or do I need to script this?

I want to really lower the barrier of people connecting, so the easier the better.

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According to the TeamSpeak 3 FAQ, this can be done.

Complete format:


Please keep in mind that if you use "cid=channelID", the parameter "channel=MyDefaultChannel" will be ignored.

Parameters are optional. In most cases, specifiying the host and port should be sufficient. Nicknames usually should not be specified, leave this to be configured by the users in the client.

So a common URL would look like this:


Example for a complete HTML link:

<a href="ts3server://ts3.hoster.com?port=9987">Click to connect to my


For reference, this is how it used to be (and how it should still work for Teamspeak 2):

Another way to connect to a server with the TeamSpeak Windows client is via a webbrowser. The way to do it is as follows:


The parameters in the link are "nickname", "loginname", "password", "channel", "subchannel", "channelpassword" and should be separated by "?". TeamSpeak will start up automatically and log you in according to the parameters given. Note that you do not have to enter all this information if you just want to connect to a server via your webbrowser. Just the IP address and port will do to log in to a server as a guest.


  • Additionally, I'm always shocked at how many voip server admins don't set up DNS names for their servers. It's much easier to remember "voip.myclan.com" than an IP address. Feb 22, 2012 at 13:40
  • @tarrasch Can you confirm that this works with TS3 as well? I couldn't find any such confirmation on their FAQ Feb 22, 2012 at 15:22
  • actually, it's ts3server://IP:port
    – user36505
    Nov 4, 2012 at 12:30
  • Just to let you all know: ts3server://voice.teamspeak.org?nickname=WebGuest&channel=TalkChannel is the new way to do it. The only change being that it's "ts3server" not "teamspeak" at the beginning. This is correct as of 31st September 2013 when I found out :)
    – user54566
    Aug 31, 2013 at 11:43

You can generate such link in TeamSpeak 3 client.

Click Tools > Invite Buddy.

Invite Buddy

You can generate ts3server:// URLs, http:// URLs and HTML snippets. You can include your current channel or not.

Invite Buddy Dialog

Note: ts3server:// URLs don't seem to be clickable in common instant messaging applications. In my experience, http:// invite links are more bullet-proof. They do create an intermediate step (TeamSpeak is launched by a web landing page), but it's quick and non-problematic in practice.


9987 is the default port so ?port=9987 is not required. Only required if not default port

You can also connect using this url: ts3server://{site_url_or_ip}:{port}

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