I remember back in the day there was a Up Up Down Down cheat code that was used in a lot of things.

  1. What's the full code?
  2. Is there a name for this code?
  3. Are there any games where this code works? (nostalgia value)
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  • b-a-start as a tag? :P – Kevin Yap Jul 7 '10 at 23:15
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    This is an exact dupe: gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/395/… – Jaydles Jul 7 '10 at 23:17
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    I wouldn't call this an exact dupe of that question, since that one relies on knowing what the code does or is from to be searchable. – Zxaos Jul 7 '10 at 23:32

It is called the Konami Code, its

↑ ↑ ↓ ↓ ← → ← → B A

And it works on quite a few games, and even some websites.

A wikilink to those lists are:



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    I seem to remember a "select start" added on to the end for a couple of the game boy games. – Jeffrey Jul 7 '10 at 23:51
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    @Jeffrey, that's how many of it used to memorize it, but it's not technically part of the code- the "Start" is just what actually starts the game, and you add the "Select" to move the indicator from One- to Two-Player if you're playing with someone else. – Jaydles Jul 8 '10 at 1:42
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    No, I clearly remember having to hit "start" or "select start" in some games to activate the code (ex. TMNT). It did not start the game. – BlueRaja - Danny Pflughoeft Sep 10 '10 at 16:18
  • If you tell me you have a keyboard with keys to enter those arrow shapes, I'll rep you to heavens. – DrFish Dec 10 '10 at 14:45
  • @Bora I wish, they don't even have ALT+#### input options. – Noctrine Dec 10 '10 at 15:09

It's the Konami code. Here are games where it can be used.

Konami Code

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