I left the book Kodlak's Journal in my Breezehome, sitting top of the bedroom dresser upstairs. However, upon next inspection of the area after leaving and coming back, the journal was gone. I didn't think this would happen since a purchased home does not respawn items. Is it simply somewhere else in the house, and I need to search for it? An answer from this question by BoseBorre leads me to believe the journal has been moved to a random location somewhere inside.

If this is not the case, what happened to the journal?


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There is an inexplicable graphical glitch in Skyrim where items will be found invisible. I'm not sure if items can turn invisible, but try to interact with the space in which you left the book. Also, make sure that you thoroughly check your inventory/chests. You may have just misplaced the book.

  • and the bookshelf if you have the alchemy room purchased.
    – IrishJMA
    Feb 24, 2012 at 21:58

Sometimes objects will turn invisible, though I've only encountered that behavior after taking an object. If that is the case, it should still be there, and dragging it (Hold E when you get the prompt to read it) will make it visible again.

If it's not there, then the book is likely to have moved to where you've dropped it or fallen through the object it was on.

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