It tells me whenever I select a new character how many "Class Quests" I've done. Those appear to be different from normal quests, as I know I'm done many as an Archer, and it says I've done "0 of 5" class quests.

I don't see it explain what those are anywhere. What are those quests?

  • They're checkpoints in reputation. Reputation is gained through various actions, including leveling, completing quests, and killing gods. – Domocus Feb 26 '12 at 0:59

In the Tooltip of your Character, it tells you what your current Classquest is, e.g. while logging in.

See this screenshot:

enter image description here

It is meant as some sort of progress through the game and you can also get an achievement on Steam for doing a lot of them.

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    Oh that's the class quest?! They could've made that more obvious. – John the Green Feb 26 '12 at 2:06

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