Currently I am playing a lot of Head2Head games but it is a little frustrating, since you cannot select the opponent you are playing against. This has the advantage of being truly competitive but has the downside, that your opponent might

  • be laggy, which drastically reduces the fun you get out of the game,
  • just fools around once you are leading with two goals or more.

All in all it simply isn't that much fun playing someone you don't know, since you cannot flame or anything^^.

All this (and more) made me look for a FIFA community where leagues and cups are organized. Where you can rely on opponents that really are giving everything to win the game, have a good internet connection without any latencies etc.

I know that leagues can be joined within FIFA but all public leagues are just dead I'd imagine you pretty much end up with deficiencies listed above...

Having all that said here comes the question:

Is there a FIFA (for PC) online community which organizes leagues and cups? I heavily googled but could not find a site that meets my expectations.

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Check out ESL, Electronic Sports League's 1on1 ladder. They usually run good ladders and tournaments.


Ultimate Fifa has a decent player base and forum. Assuming you are looking for an English speaking community ofc.

  • In lack of other Fifa specific communities, there is always team liquid. :P – Qw4z1 Mar 8 '12 at 1:15

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