I talked to the Cheshire Cat, and he mentioned that there are 4 pieces of evidence I can have to prove Alice is innocent.

I have the Footprints, the Stench, and the Antenna, but for the life of me, I cannot find a fourth thing. Was the Cheshire Cat lying to me? Is there a fourth piece of evidence?

If there is, how do I get it?


A little hard to explain. You have to get on top of the faucet in the main room and jump across to get it. This video will show you better than I can explain.


  • Go the the lotus forest
  • Take the first area on the right, where you can jump up the the lily-pad type things
  • Go "backwards" towards where you came in from the throne room at, and in the corner there is a door back into the main room
  • You'll fall onto a faucet, and it is to Sora's right if you are facing into the room, on a ledge.
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