Do the Pokemon you put in Pokemon Dream World, affect the Dream World in any way?

I put Shuppet in Pokemon Dream World for two days in a row and got a lot of Spooky Manor maps and played a lot of Blow Out Candles on both days.

But today I put Shuckle in and I got 90% Rugged Mountain, with at least 13 Collect Gems.

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Yes, as awesomesocks42 mentions the type of Pokemon you put to sleep influences which area of the Dream World you will visit.

Here is a list to help you determine which type will increase your chances to visit a particular area:

Q: Does the type of Pokemon I tuck-in influence which area I go to? A: Yes, depending on the Pokemon's type you'll visit a certain area more often than others, here is a list of which types each area prefers (list is tentative):

Type - Area

Bug - Pleasant Forest

Dark - Spooky Manor

Dragon - No Preference

Electric - Pleasant Forest

Fire - Rugged Mountain

Fighting - Rugged Mountain

Flying - Windswept Sky

Ghost - Spooky Manor

Grass - Pleasant Forest

Ground - Icy Cave and Rugged Mountain

Ice - Icy Cave

Normal - Dream Park

Rock - Icy Cave and Rugged Mountain

Poison - Pleasant Forest

Psychic - Spooky Manor

Steel - Icy Cave and Rugged Mountain

Water - Sparkling Sea

Source: Smogon Dream World Research Thread

  • Awesome @Rapida! you nailed it flawless =) Thanks and thanks for the late but still great answer!
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yes, they do, as of the global link redesign. I am yet to discover exactly which areas are accessed more by which pokemon, but there is now a correlation, for instance, tucking in a flying type will nearly always result in going to the windswept sky, and tucking in an ice type will nearly always result in going to the icy cave.

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