I bought the iPhone version of Final Fantasy Tactics, and I just levelled my Thief to 3 and my Monk to 3. It was my understanding that at this point the Thief could upgrade to a Lancer and the Monk could become a Geomancer. I looked up the level requirements and I was right. Yet, when I go to change their classes, the option for Lancer or Geomancer do not show up.

Are the level requirements different for the iPhone? Is there something I may be missing?


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Apparently yes. I just opened it on my phone and Geomancer's only requirement is Monk 4. Similarly, Dragoon's is Thief 4.

  • You know what the differences are for ninja? I just got Monk lv5 and Archer lv5 on one character.... still no option for Ninja.
    – Pierce
    Mar 28, 2012 at 21:41
  • @REDace0 The Ninja class requires a lv4 Thief, lv5 Archer, and lv2 Geomancer.
    – bpcookson
    Aug 27, 2013 at 4:19

The short answer to your title question is yes.

The game originally released for the PlayStation 1 (Final Fantasy Tactics) is indeed different from the one you purchased on your iPhone (Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions).

To quote directly from Wikipedia's section on Versions and re-releases:

A PlayStation Portable version of Final Fantasy Tactics, entitled Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions was released on May 10, 2007, in Japan; and is now released across all regions. It is the second game announced as part of the Ivalice Alliance. The game features an updated version of Final Fantasy Tactics, along with new features including in-game cutscenes, new characters, and multiplayer capability. The updated mechanics contain a 16:9 widescreen support, new items, new jobs, and cel-shaded full motion videos. The English version contains full voice acting during the cinematic cut scenes, whereas the Japanese version does not.

War of the Lions was ported to iOS in 2011, with the iPhone version released on August 4, 2011, and an iPad version was released February 2012.

emphasis added

There are many websites offering job trees, but I found that this one was particularly well-suited for my iPhone screen: FFT Job Tree

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