I know you can get some free Mass Effect 3 items from the Kingdom's of Amalur demo. I was wondering, are there other titles that give you some items for use in the game?

For example; something like the Blood Armor that was shared between Dragon Age and Mass Effect 2.

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Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

Items unlocked by playing the KoA:R demo for 45 minutes. Must be linked to your Origin account along with ME3.
- Chakram Launcher: Assault Rifle
- Reckoner Knight Armor: Armor with bonuses to Melee and Weapon damage

Battlefield 3

Unlocked by having a Battlefield 3 Online Pass linked to the same Origin account as your copy of Mass Effect 3.
- Battlefield 3 Pack: A unique loadout of items usable only in Multiplayer.

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