I noticed that there is a patch (or possibly multiple patches) that installs when booting Mass Effect 3 for the first time. What does this patch do? Is it required? That is, if I did not have access to online updates, would my game potentially be broken?


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From https://help.ea.com/article/mass-effect-3-day-one-patch

Patch notes:

  • Fixed issue with disconnection during purchase flow
  • Fixed issue with 64Kbps connection.
  • Fixed issue with multiplayer consumables.
  • Fixed issue with multiple "Connection failed" messages sent to users.
  • Fixed hang when returning to Mission Computer from Squad in Pause Menu when both the system language and in-game text language are set to Japanese.
  • Fixed several minor DLC related issues
  • Fixed crash on Windows XP on minimum spec PC.
  • Fixed lighting and shading on minimum spec PCs.
  • Fixed potential crash when loading with quick resume.
  • Almost all of those look like PC-related issues, and the site itself refers to "pre-loading" which is definitely a PC thing. I'm not sure this list relates to the Xbox 360 patch.
    – johnjon
    Commented Mar 8, 2012 at 18:45
  • Several of the issues affect the console - specifically the multiplayer consumable issues. The text on the website says Those of you playing Mass Effect 3 on console or those who did not pre-load. Commented Mar 8, 2012 at 18:48

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