I'm lost in the sea of Mass Effect 3 DLC. From what I understand, there are numerous sources for DLC codes that allow access to in-game content like new weapons, skins, maps, missions, etc. These sources include pre-order bonuses from various retailers, Collector's Edition content, purchasable in-game content from the "normal" sources (Xbox Marketplace, Orign, etc.), and many others.

I realize this is an involved question begging for an involved answer, but what are all the required sources for every piece of in-game content DLC? Does EA keep a updated list of this information?

As a corollary question, is any of the DLC now unavailable due to the game being past the preorder state or other reasons?

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    Steam? I wish...
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  • I mentioned Steam because I'm assuming the game will eventually come to that platform, although I could be wrong.
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    Mar 8, 2012 at 20:10

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There's a bunch of stuff that is pre-order or only came with the Collector's Edition:

  • AT-12 Raider - Origin pre-order bonus
  • M-55 Argus - Pre-order bonus for select retailers
  • N7 Warfare Gear - Pre-order bonus for select retailers
  • Robotic Dog - Collector's edition
  • Squad Outfit pack - Collector's edition
  • N7 Weapons pack - Collector's edition
  • N7 Hoodie - Collector's edition

These are all single player items. The Collector's edition and pre-order bonuses are currently unavailable outside of pre-ordering the game or buying the collector's edition.  No news on whether or not those of us with the "regular edition" will be able to buy them at a later date.

There's a couple of single player items that you can get for free by playing the Kingdoms of Amalur demo:

  • Chakram Launcher
  • Reckoner Knight Armor

There's a Battlefield 3 Pack (a set of multiplayer items) that you can only get by having Battlefield 3 activated to the same account as Mass Effect 3.

There's also the "From Dust" DLC (a single player mission + a new squadmate) which came with the deluxe/collectors editions but is available to anyone (from day 1) for around $10.

In addition to these items, there's a number of Razer ME3-branded items that come with special codes/unlocks for multiplayer.

On top of these, there's a whole set of Mass Effect 3 toys that you can buy, and each one comes with a similar code for multiplayer to the Razer items.

One tally of all the DLC for Mass Effect 3 listed the grand total at $870! However, the codes that come with the Razer gear and the toys are more along the lines of the "booster packs" you can buy in the multiplayer in-game shop, so I wouldn't consider them anywhere approaching essential.

  • This is the type of nonsense I cannot stand. Silly silly silly. +1 for a good answer that cleared up my mind :)
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  • @Cor_Blimey, yeah, and I'm not even 100% sure I got them all. I forgot the BF3 unlock the first run through, for example...
    – agent86
    Mar 8, 2012 at 20:14

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