Mass Effect 2 let you permanently reverse the red Lazarus scars being a Renegade gives you.

Does Mass Effect 3 have an option to do this? If so, when can I get/unlock the surgery and how much does it cost? At what point in the game does the option become available?


In order to get the Med Bay Surgery Intel Upgrade, you'll first need to complete the mission Priority:Citadel (the second one, which follows Tuchanka). After the events on the Citadel, when you return to the Normandy, your Ships doctor will have a request for you in the med bay - she wants you to negotiate with a Turian in the Citadels refugee camp area to exchange their excess medical supplies for the Normandys excesses.

Once you make a deal, when you return to the Normandy, your ships doctor will award you with some credits, a Medi-Gel upgrade, and inform you that there's an upgrade availiable at the terminal in Liara's quarters. At this point, you can take the Med Bay Surgery upgrade, which offers you a choice between Facial Reconstruction to heal Shepards scars, or a Health Bonus of 5%.

This upgrade costs nothing.


Yes, you will eventually get a piece of intel which unlocks a 5% health boost or healing your Lazarus scarring.

To clarify, intel unlocks research projects in Liara's quarters.

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    I believe I got it fairly late into the game, about the time you do the second Priority: Citadel mission, and I tend to do all the sidequests as they become available. If somebody could pinpoint the location, that would be ace. – kotekzot Mar 9 '12 at 2:20

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