Mass Effect 2 let you permanently reverse the red Lazarus scars being a Renegade gives you.

Does Mass Effect 3 have an option to do this? If so, when can I get/unlock the surgery and how much does it cost? At what point in the game does the option become available?

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In order to get the Med Bay Surgery Intel Upgrade, you'll first need to complete the mission Priority:Citadel (the second one, which follows Tuchanka). After the events on the Citadel, when you return to the Normandy, your Ships doctor will have a request for you in the med bay - she wants you to negotiate with a Turian in the Citadels refugee camp area to exchange their excess medical supplies for the Normandys excesses.

Once you make a deal, when you return to the Normandy, your ships doctor will award you with some credits, a Medi-Gel upgrade, and inform you that there's an upgrade availiable at the terminal in Liara's quarters. At this point, you can take the Med Bay Surgery upgrade, which offers you a choice between Facial Reconstruction to heal Shepards scars, or a Health Bonus of 5%.

This upgrade costs nothing.


Yes, you will eventually get a piece of intel which unlocks a 5% health boost or healing your Lazarus scarring.

To clarify, intel unlocks research projects in Liara's quarters.

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    I believe I got it fairly late into the game, about the time you do the second Priority: Citadel mission, and I tend to do all the sidequests as they become available. If somebody could pinpoint the location, that would be ace.
    – kotekzot
    Mar 9, 2012 at 2:20

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