I am trying to upgrade EDI's "Unshackled AI" power to level 5, her power damage is currently at 80% and when I select "Tech Damage - Increase tech power damage by 30%" the power damage bar does not increase as I might have expected? Perhaps it "Tech Damage" doesn't mean what I think it does?

Do power upgrade bonuses max out or can they go beyond 100%?

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Power Damage and Tech Damage are two different things.

Power Damage increases the damage of all powers, while Tech Damage only increases the damage of Tech powers (Incinerate, Cryo Blast, Overload, Sabotage). The problem here is that all of EDI's powers are tech powers, but because (for whatever reason) the last rank gives +tech power damage instead of +power damage, it doesn't show up on the bar (though it most certainly still applies).

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