I was fighting a dragon and civilians were getting in the way, I guess I accidentally hit one of the civilians. Now he has gone aggro on me and Lydia is trying to defend me. I just want to avoid him and not kill him. How can I get Lydia to stop attacking him?


You could use a calm spell to get them to stop fighting and fast travel away. They should chill out after a few in-game days have passed without them seeing each other. Alternatively, if you have an entrance to a different cell nearby (indoors -> outdoors, one dungeon level -> different dungeon level, etc), you could try going through and fast traveling before the NPC can give chase. The safest bet is to reload to an earlier save, though.

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If its a human take all their stuff and then wabbajack until they turn into an animal or transform into another thing. It'll last for a few seconds and then they'll act like nothing happened, give back their stuff and yeah.

I know becuase Marcurio always uses his chainlightning and he hits my dog which they start fighting. Wabbajack the best.

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There's a mod that makes people run inside their homes when a dragon attacks. So you don't have worry about them getting in your way any more. The website is http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/23906/? To install it you just copy it to the data folder

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Dude, the best way is a FUS RO DAH. I don't know why but it always works on Lydia. Trust me they forget everything right when they stand back up.

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