I bought Mass Effect: Infiltrator to help ease ME3 single player. Is there any advantage to uploading intel as I get it? I know that uploading it early means that my readiness will slowly drain away, but I'm wondering if uploading a bunch at a time decreases the bang per buck, so to speak. Also, does holding onto intel decrease its effectiveness at improving Galactic Readiness?

  • I don't have any confirmation of this, but if it works like other systems, I assume that no, it won't matter if you space it out or not. But as you mentioned the decay, I suggest waiting until the end of your ME3 campaign to import them, so the decay doesn't kick in and waste them. – Mufasa Mar 11 '12 at 15:25

Other posts seem to indicate that readiness delays at a rate of 3% per day. My own experiences roughly confirm this.

This means that if you don't play multiplayer for a day, you will need to collect another 12 intel in the iOS game (4 intel per 1% readiness) simply to get yourself back in the position you were in prior to taking the day off.

Since it will never go below 50% and holding onto it does not decay its value, I would recommend holding them until just prior to starting Assault the Illusive Man's Base.


Upload it straight away...

This is because if you play a multiplayer game, only 1 game is needed, the readiness doesnt drain for that day, i also think the same applies if 2 Intels are imported from MEI as this would equal 1% and aslong as you gain readiness in a day it won't degrade.

I would personally play multiplayer to nullify the degradation as it is fun plus you gain something like 4% per Bronze completion (with deaths)

  • Galatic Readiness does degrade even with a 4 hour period. Yesterday I was at 100% had some things to do around the house, came back after 3-4 hours and my readiness was at 98%. – NoNameNeeded Mar 22 '12 at 15:58
  • Sorry a friend told me it degrades every 24 hours... :( – Samuel Standrin Mar 22 '12 at 16:23

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