What is the most expensive item or items in Mass Effect 3? Since you can't buy everything in the game, I'm wondering if I should be saving my credits up for something awesome.

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Specre Requisitions on the Citadel has the most expensive items, the Black Widow sniper rifle and the M-11 Wraith shotgun for 250,000 credits each. IF you want, you can pay 10% more via the Normandy, bringing the cost up to 275,000 credits.

After those, the most expensive items are the M- Paladin pistol (200,000 credits) and the armor sets (50,000 apiece).

Most other items are only a few thousand. Also, as I previously noted, none of the Spectre weapons are THAT great except for the Sniper Rifle.


I play as an infiltrator and the most expensive one I have found is the market item in spectre office. The Black Widow sniper gun which cost around 2500000 credits.

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