How can I check Skyrim time without looking in the saved games details? Is there a way to always have it on the screen?

Second clock that I need is a normal clock with my PC time. Is there a way to show it on the screen?

Patches / Fix / Mods allowed.


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KenMOD - Time on loading screen

by Kenney


  • Current computer time on loading screens.
  • (optional) Blank screen to avoid spoilers.

enter image description here

Skyrim time

  • Hit 'T' or whatever you assigned to 'wait'. It shows the current time and day of the week.

With out mods, since the game is run through steam, you can hit Shift-Tab at any time to see your real time, its at the top of the overlay. You can also see in-game time by pausing the game though I will admit hitting the wait button (as long as its available to be hit) is the preferred way for me to check in-game time as well.


I can use the A Matter of Time mod to display in-game time, day, date, and year. This helps me to see how many years have passed in-game and I still have not saved the world (er touched the main quest).

I also use it to display real-life time.

It has a MCM menu that I use to configure everything including the position of the clock widgets on my HUD.

It is also available for Skyrim Special Edition.

Both of these require SkyUI or SkyUI for SSE and SKSE.

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