I have a new Slim 360 and because I'm connecting to my monitor (which has no speakers or sound output), I need to use the HDMI for video and a RCA audio adapter for sound.

Here's the audio adapter I have.

As far as I can tell this should work just fine right? Well for some reason as soon as I plug in the audio cable, the picture on the screen turns black.

Does anyone know why this might happen? This is the only way I can get sound so I really need to figure this out.

  • Ok, I've just been testing and it seems that when i plug in the audio adapter the whole console just resets...
    – HatInACat
    Mar 15, 2012 at 21:46

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The 'easiest' solution would be here. All in one solution to convert the audio to 3.5mm jack and a VGA (which your monitor should support - otherwise convert from there to DVI).

  • Yeah, I just went with this, I'm not sure why the other one doesn't work but I've ordered one of these from ebay and it should do the trick, thanks.
    – HatInACat
    Mar 15, 2012 at 23:17
  • @HatInACat Feel free to up vote too if it helped :)
    – Zero
    Mar 15, 2012 at 23:46

I have the same setup, although I use optical audio, and it works just fine.

Microsoft recommends you check these things:

1) Monitor is on hdmi input.

2) AV Cables are securely connected. (I'd bet it's this one, the slim is pretty tight in there, and I could see the audio adaptor pushing the hdmi cable out of place)

3) If your audio cable has an hdmi or composite selector, switch it to composite. I don't think your connector does.

4) Reset the xbox display options. Make sure the disc tray is empty. Turn on the console. Press and hold the right trigger and the Y button on the controller.

There are further support docs linked from there if none of that fixes your issue.


I know this question is old, but I stumbled upon it while experiencing this problem myself. This issue occurs when your system has Display Discovery enabled.

Go to Settings > Console Settings > Display Discovery and switch to 'Disabled'

This will allow you to use HDMI with RCA audio. You will have to manually input your monitor resolution in settings.

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