When I need to move a crafting table, chest, and/or furnaces, I usually use my tools. I end up moving those items a lot as I change the layout of my place / mine from time to time. I also know mining/ digging/etc wears on that tool so:

Does picking up the those items wear on my tools?

Should I move those items by hand or use the tools?

I hate breaking my tools! I want them to last forever!

  • pretty sure it's 2 uses for every tool, so it's best to use your hand, but I don't know for certain.
    – Mr Smooth
    Mar 19, 2012 at 6:27

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Chests and Crafting tables only take a few seconds to break with your hands, so if you want to save on your tools that would be a good idea (although stone tools are very cheap and easy to make, and have 132 uses).

Furnaces on the other hand are not possible to "mine" without a tool (you will break it eventually, but nothing will drop), and is definitely worth one use of your pickaxe.

Using a tool on the appropriate type of block consumes one use of it, using it on something else consumes two uses. Axe for wood, pickaxe for stone, etc.


An alternate solution, as I never move my chests or tables:

I always create a new set (furnace, crafting table and chest) wherever I set a new "safe-house" or area to work in.

This just means I can work wherever I am, and they don't take a lot of resources to make.

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