I am having a problem with the controls in Diablo 3. Basically, it puts my abilities on my mouse, but I want to use my mouse for movement only.

But at the same time, if I move abilities away from my mouse, I run out of room, because there is only room for numberkeys 1 - 4.

If there any way I can use the mouse only for movement, and activate my abilities with 1-6 instead?


Currently, you cannot remap the mouse buttons away from the primary/secondary skills. You can use Elective Mode (Options > Gameplay > Check Elective Mode) to move any skills (including primary/secondary) to keys 1-4, but you can only remap those keys. Therefore, if you want to avoid using the mouse for skills, you will be limited to only 4 skills.


I used autohotkey to bind key buttons to keys. Here's my script:

w::MouseClick, right
+w::MouseClick, right

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