There is a cannon just outside of the castle in Super Mario 64 but it's locked! The cannon is near the water on the beach.

Can I get access to the cannon? If so, how?

Cannon with castle in background

Metal grate blocking cannon


I believe you're talking about the cannon outside the castle in Super Mario 64 - this cannon will launch you up to a secret area, but only if you've got all 120 stars.

For getting all the stars and accessing this secret cannon:

Yoshi is up on top of the castle, and if you get up there, he'll hook you up with many extra lives :)


Carry out a triple jump, with the third jump taking place near the green wall to the right of the castle. Hang onto the roof and climb up to get to Yoshi.

  • This question is about how to unlock the cannon, not about how to get to the roof without it. – Dom Nov 14 '15 at 19:21
  • It's a good trick WITHOUT the cannon, but this person was asking how to use the cannon period! Perhaps you could present this in your own Q&A post? – user128965 Dec 12 '15 at 8:38

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