I have tried to make sense of the map at the following URL, but can not read it effectively:


Is there an good map of the Mazes of Menace (Nethack) ?

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I agree it is pretty hard to read, and I think is better explained in text.

You start on Dungeon Level 1. At certain points in the game you can branch off to another area.

  • You start at Dungeon Level 1, which is the top level of the Dungeons of Doom
  • Somewhere between Dungeon Level 2 - 4 you can branch off to the Gnomish Mines
  • Somewhere between Dungeon Level 5 - 9 you will find The Oracle
  • Just after The Orcle, you can can branch off to Sokoban (which you'll actually enter from the bottom and is 4 stories high.)
  • There is a 40% change of a Big Room somewhere between Dungeon Level 10 - 12
  • Somewhere between Dungeon Level 11 - 18 you can embark on a Quest
    • The first Level of the Quest will be the Quest Home Level.
    • The third Level of the Quest will be a locate mission.
    • The last Quest level, containing the Quest Goal is located somewhere between the 5th and 7th level of the Quest
  • Somewhere Between Dungeon Level 10 and Medusa's Island you might be able to reach Fort Ludios
  • Somewhere Between Dungeon Level 15-18 you will find the Rogue level
  • 1-4 levels before Castle you will find Medusa's Island
  • Somewhere Between Dungeon Level 25-29 you will find the Castle, which is also the last level of the Dungeons of Doom

As you can see, due to it's complex design, and random generation, it is very difficult to produce a good map of the Mazes of Menace

(All information has been collected from Wikihack)


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