What clients exist for OS X?

I am using the official QT port (graphical).

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From the nethack site (download links included):

Carbon Port
    OS: MacOS 8.1 or later, MacOS 9, MacOS X
    Map: text
    UI: GUI
    Replaces previous Mac "Classic" port.
    Compatible with save files from nethack-341.sit. 
MacOS X Tiles Port
    OS: MacOS X
    Map: Tiles (graphics)
    UI: GUI
    Also known as the "Mac Qt" port.
    Compatible with save files from current and prior Terminal ports (e.g., nethack-342-mac-term.pkg.sit, nethack-343-mac-term.pkg.sit). 
MacOS X Terminal Port
    OS: MacOS X
    Map: text
    UI: Terminal (or via telnet or ssh)
    Compatible with save files from prior Terminal ports (e.g., nethack-342-mac-term.pkg.sit) and current Qt and Terminal ports (nethack-343-2-macosx-qt.tgz, nethack-343-mac-term.pkg.sit). 

Feel free to add on more clients you know, since this is community wiki.

  • Advice on configuring these clients would also be helpful. I have always found the tiles version listed here to be very ugly, and typically stick with the terminal version.
    – Larry Wang
    Aug 20 '10 at 15:37

There's always the good old telnet nethack.alt.org trick. You can share bones and scores with thousands(?) of other people.

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    If you have an Internet connection, this is always the preferred way to play because it saves your game on the server. Thus, you can resume your game on any computer you might come across.
    – Apreche
    Sep 16 '10 at 1:43

There is a new OSX client called nethack-cocoa that has a tiles mode and also an integrated ASCII mode.

Screenshots and links to the download can be found on the developer's blog: NetHack-Cocoa

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