I just wanted to know what the max level you can get your profile up to. I'm a new player and I have no idea what it is.

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You can level up your profile to 30. Once you are 30, it unlocks ranked play where it tracks your ELO (a numeric skill level).

As of Patch 7.22, League of Legends has uncapped leveling as per this Preseason Update FAQ

What’s the new level cap?

There’s no level cap! Level to infinity (but not beyond it—it's dangerous to level beyond infinity).


There is no max level in League of Legends. With the most recent update it has become possible to reach any level in the game.

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    Just to Clarify, this is valid since Patch 7.22 (Pre-Season 8, Week 1 )
    – Oak
    Nov 9, 2017 at 2:16

The maximum summoner level outside of a match is level 30.

The highest level for a champion during a match is level 18.


The max level is 30 and then it becomes ranked.


Since patch 7.22 League of Legends summoner levels are no longer capped so the maximum will be constantly changing. You can currently see who has the highest summoner level here. However the in game champion level is still capped at 18 normally, an exception would be in URF games where champions can level up to 30.


The maximum summoner level you can reach is level 30. At this point, you will allowed to play ranked matches. At level 20, you unlock tier 3 runes. The maximum level your champion can reach is 18.

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