It has been almost a year since I last played on my Xbox, and I want to start viewing some WMV files on it through Windows Home Server. When I tried to play a WMV file it says I need a media update. According to a few websites, I need to get an Xbox live silver or gold account and download the optional media update. I did just that and did a general system update. However, after that I was still unable to play my WMV files. How can I get my Xbox 360 to download this Optional Media Update? I'm trying to play some files from http://microsoftpdc.com/Videos which looks to me in HD content.


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To install the optional media update, go to the page on xbox.com describing the update. On that page there is a button to download the update to your Xbox 360.


If the Xbox 360 has trouble viewing a video, it will prompt you to install the optional media update to try to resolve it - this is not a guaranteed solution though. The Xbox 360 has a bad track record for being able to play certain popular video codecs.

The WMV container format generally contains Xbox 360 friendly codecs, but is not guaranteed to. This is a great article on Xbox 360 media compatibility.

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