I know that the victory conditions are easier in the Civilization Revolution built-in scenario Lightning Round. The civilopedia doesn't say what they are. What are the precise victory conditions for the Lightning Round?

Normal: Acquire 20 Wonders / Great Persons / converted cities, build United Nations wonder.
Lightning Round: Acquire 15. (Win immediately)

Normal: Conquer and hold all capital cities.
Lightning Round: Conquer 3 enemy capitals.

Normal: Acquire 20,000 gold, build World Bank wonder.
Lightning Round: Acquire 10,000 gold. (Win immediately)

Normal: Research Space Travel, build space ship, have it arrive safely
Lightning Round: Acquire 24 technologies. (Win immediately)


so i discovered that if you READ the "Who's Winning?" screen instead of just passing by it as fast as possible that it answers the questions. :|

dom - 3 enemy capitals
tech - 24 techs
econ - 10k GP
cult - 15 things

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