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What effect do neutral buffs have in League of Legends?

I just saw baron getting taken by jpak and freinds in the ggClassic semifinals, so I was just curious what baron gives as a buff, experience, gold, etc.


There seem to be a few statistic/number questions here so I'll go ahead and link the LoL wiki. This site is updated almost immediately after changes occur in patches/hotfixes and is generally very reliable.


(Passive): On death, Baron Nashor awards the team who slew him 300 gold and 900 experience per head, and empowers them with a buff for 4 minutes. The buff grants the wearer 40 attack damage, 40 ability power, 3% of their maximum health as hp/5 and 1% of their maximum mana as mp/5. The enemy who scored the last hit is awarded a bonus 25 gold.

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