I've noticed recently that Taric isn't used as much in competitive play. I was wondering which AD carry works "best" with Taric? Also, what kind of runes/masteries should I be running on him?


Taric works well with Caitlyn, since if you have proper communication between the two players, the enemy can step on a trap, Taric stuns, then Caitlyn drops another trap, which gives Caitlyn about 4 seconds of attacking an enemy without retribution due to her superior range. Vayne can also do well with him, if you manage to condemn an enemy into a wall, and Taric follows up with his own stun. Also, Taric/Graves can practically 100-0 an enemy at level 6 due to their strong burst. For runes, armour marks, gold per 10 seals/quints, and either mana regen or MR glyphs work well on him. Movement speed quints are also an option, since you can get in range to land more stuns.

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Taric works well with AD carries that can follow up on his stun with either a huge amount of damage or another form of CC. However, there are several lanes that are seen much more frequently than others:

Urgot (Flash Swap -> Taric Stun -> Jungle gank is almost a guaranteed kill at level 6)

Caitlyn (Taric Stun -> predicted Caitlyn Trap -> Shatter + Piltover is a huge amount of harass)

Taric, like all supports, benefit from GP/5 and defensive stats. Support runes are a lot more flexible than others in terms of preference. Taric does not scale well with AP or AD as a support, so defensive runes are the best option. Mana-regeneration is also an option, but this is lane dependent and playstyle dependent. GP/5 is essential for Quintessences in my opinion.

Taric is a well-rounded support in that he has damage (Shatter and Radiance), hard CC (Dazzle), and sustain (Imbue). Caitlyn and Urgot take great advantage of the CC and damage through Trap/Piltover and Noxian Corrosive Charge/Hyper-Kinetic Position Reverser. If you want a sustained farm lane (see: Kog'Maw, Ashe), don't pick Taric.

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My vote is very split between Vayne and Graves. At least, they are the most over powered in my personal opinion, but I guess Graves will have to get it. Even if Vayne scales so much harder. His hit is just... wrong.

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  • I don't think there are any over powered champions, Riot made the game very balanced. But anyways, could you please explain why Graves and/or Vayne work well with Taric, so we can understand your answer better? – Lerkes Oct 1 '12 at 6:28

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