Vayne/Kog'maw/Brand/Amumu's abilities / Madreds blood razor

Are they mitigated by magic resistance?

If so is their damage increased by things like Void Staff / Abyssal Scepter / Sorcerer's shoes?

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Magic resist mitigates magic percentile health damage, such as Kog'Maw's, Brand's and Amumu's respective abilities, and Madred's Bloodrazer/ Kitae's Razer, and their damage can be increased by Void Staff/ Sorcerer's shoes. Vayne's 3 hit of Silver bolts does true damage, which can not be mitigated by armour or Magic Resist or increased by Penetration.


Most of the percentage health damage abilities/on-hit effects you mentioned are magic damage. Percentage health damage is not a different type of damage, it is simply a different calculation, therefore all magic resistance modifiers and penetration will affect most of the aforementioned abilities.

Vayne, on the other hand, does percentage health in true damage, which ignores resistances.


Yes, Magic resist and Armor do mitigate the % health damage. The % health is calculated, then it is mitigated by the armor or MR and then applied. This is why you see people get MR to counter Thronmails. Thormail returns 30% of the physical damage done on you back to the attacker as magic damage, so if the attacker gets MR it will negate the thronmail damage.

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