I played a few multiplayer games with a friend this weekend against computer opponents and noticed that I didn't receive an achievement I know I should have earned. It was "Win a game as the Americans on any difficulty" and I was for sure playing as the Americans. The only reason I can think it might not have counted is that we were teamed up against the computers who were free-for-all.

We played two normal games before that, and I'm curious if those even counted towards my achievement progress. There is at least one multiplayer-specific achievement I earned then, so you would think everything else would count as well, right?

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    I'd post as an answer but I have no reference, however I'm about 70% certain that many of the achievements are single-player only. I've played a few multiplayer games with my friends and haven't gotten any achievements for either despite fulfilling the stated requirements (winning with nations / on difficulties, mostly). Try an FFA in multiplayer and see if you can unlock an achievement.
    – Izzy
    May 12 '12 at 23:00

Playing with in-game modifications enabled will disable the ability to get achievements. I haven't found anything stating that simply playing multiplayer will prevent you from getting achievements but the achievements in Civilisation 5 are very specifically worded.

As you earned a multiplayer achievement during your play time I would go with you (obviously) having modifications off but the single-player achievements only taking effect in single player.

Update: found something, this is an archived post on the Steam forums complaining about lack of features in Civilisation 5 multiplayer.

9) No achievements except for the one "Last Man Standing' multiplayer achievement. Even if you beat a game with a leader you've never played before you won't get the achievement. All but one are only for single player :-(

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