Ribbons in pokemon vortex are for legendary pokemon. How do you get them?

I have found all the gyms and elite 4s.

  • You should ask them about it. They have a twitter, facebook, discord, and forums.
    – ggok
    Sep 9, 2021 at 20:44

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I was looking in Vortex wiki and saw this:

Achievements are now available through certain milestones of your account. You will receive a ribbon added to your in-game profile for each achievement you complete.

and here is a topic that start talking about the Ribbons on Pokemon Vortex.

At page 2 Lekroty made the first citation of ribbons

Maybe an achievement system of some sort would be interesting. For example you get a ribbon if you beat all of the elite 4 members a certain amount of time, or you get another one when your average or total exp reaches a certain amount, etc. I think you get the idea. It might even help to stop people from using training accounts, since you have to beat the "offically" coded trainers and unlock something (even if its only a ribbon that gives nothing). So, what do you think?

Some side quests also give Ribbons to you

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