For those of you who have played Castle Crashers, you will know that at the end of the "Medusa's Lair" stage, the boss (Medusa) drops a pink comb into the background before the conflict. I'm not entirely sure of this, but it looks like I should be able to get my hands on it somehow, and probably use it as a weapon in the game. I would love dearly to hit stuff with that comb.

But alas, all of my efforts to obtain the Medusa's comb have proved fruitless. So far as I can tell, none of the Animal Orbs (Pets) will get it for me. I came up empty handed with every animal orb, including the Cardinal, Hawkster, and Owlet orbs. Copious amounts of Google-fu only turned up vague rumours that the comb is not in fact an attainable object, although it feels like one.

Can someone confirm this, and tell me whether or not I am wasting my time trying to get the comb?

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    Sometimes a red herring is neither red nor a herring. Aug 24 '10 at 23:21

This link has a list of every weapon attainable in the game and how to unlock them all. It does not have the comb as a usable weapon.

I have every animal orb in my game and I know you don't get a comb from those.

However you can unlock one weapon in Medusa's lair. The Buster Sword.

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    Yep, also known as the Play-doh Pasta Maker. Thanks for the info!
    – GnomeSlice
    Oct 1 '10 at 14:31

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