In Legend of Grimrock, there are several hidden locations. You can find various items in these secret rooms (weapons, armor, etc.).

The one that's piqued my interest the most, however, is the Skull.

enter image description here

Normally, I'd think nothing of this. Just a skull in a pile of bones. Seems to be fairly common in dungeons like these. The confusing part is: They get their own section in the Statistics page.

Do these skulls do anything for me? (i.e. will collecting ALL the skulls get me a super-secret ending and/or weapon?)


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On Steam you can get an achievement for finding 5 of them.

Besides that, there is a trait for the Minotaurs, called Head Hunter. It gives you +3 Attack for every skull carried in the inventory.


Skulls give boosts to Minotaurs who have the Head Hunter trait.


you need one for a puzzle on level 9 as well


As already mentioned, skulls give attack bonuses to Minotaur who have the Head Hunter trait. But there is a big caveat here, which I have only just learned on level 10 out of 13. :(

You only get the bonus to attack if you are carrying the skulls in your Minotaur's inventory, NOT if it is in a sack or chest! Gaaaaah!

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