I tried pressing buttons after looking at the constellations through the telescope, but it doesn't seem to be that. I just noticed a purple square and two blinking red dots in the sky with the telescope. Is that a clue? How do I finish this room?

Giant Telescope


Confirmed, however, the sequence is R RT L RT RT A A R. The blinking lights also correspond to RT and LT prompts. Just follow the lights and you get a weird red cube with a piece missing from it.

  • both answers are correct. they differ due to the 'start' point. if you keep entering the sequence you will eventually get it – user23928 Apr 15 '12 at 18:59

There are two secrets in this room.


Look out the telescope at night and two tetrominos constellations will show in the stars. Rotate the telescope to get a sequence of eight. Enter the sequence, looping it in case you started at the wrong point. If you want to cheat, hover for the code:

→ RT ← RT RT A A →

Tetromino constellations Tetromino constellations Tetromino constellations Tetromino constellations

Red star

To "complete" the room, observe the blinking red star in the telescope:

Turn your telescope to look in the direction of the entrance door. A blinking red star will show in the upper-left corner of the telescope's view at night. Press your left/right triggers in time with the blinking to unlock a red "heart" cube piece. The truncated code is RT LT LT RT RT LT. Blinking red star Blinking red star


Answer : A Right Right RT Left RT RT A (for the first artifact)

Then do some triggering with RT (right blinking star) and LT (left blinking star) according to theirs beats !

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