I'm currently stuck in Mega Man ZX with a bit of a dilemma. I have already reached the final area of the game, but I only have one subtank (the one from the Power Plant), which is proving to be very little in the midst of 10 almost consecutive boss battles. All my exploring has only uncovered data disk after data disk and no subtanks. Where can I find them?

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Subtank locations can be found in section mi01 of this guide:

Subtank I, Area E-4: Below the spinning gears and to the right.

Subtank II, Area A-2: Above the tunnel with razor blade enemies, and to the left.

Subtank III, Area K-1: After the first mini boss, fall down and head to the right. Use Biometal Model HX to go upwards until you find a computer terminal. Use the terminal and head back to Area K-4, and go right until the path splits. Use Model FX's charge attack to break the blocks on the upper path. Head through the hidden door to unlock area K-1, where the subtank is located.

Subtank IV, Area X-1: Complete the Find the Aid Kit sidequests.

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