I wanna know the first videogame ever released for DOS (any version of it). When I was a kid I was a heavy user of DOS, and I remember playing lots of very old games which were developed way before I was even born. The oldest game I remember playing is Paratrooper, which was released in 1982. That's pretty old for the DOS platform, considering it got popular in 1981.

Any help?


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One possible contender - DONKEY.BAS, one of the sample programs written in BASIC that shipped with IBM PC DOS v1.0 in August 1981 (according to this timeline).

Wikipedia also has a list of MS-DOS games (which to my eye looks pretty non-exhaustive), which has entries from 1980 and even one from 1979. Since these games were released on multiple platforms and DOS was not commercially available until 1981, it seems likely that the dates shown were for their initial release on any platform. The actual DOS port and release may have happened some years later.

I suspect this may be a tricky question to answer - after all, we can't even prove when Super Mario Bros was released.

  • Oh, yeah! I remember playing that game too! So that should be the oldest one. Anyway, I'm more interested in independent games, but your info is great. Thanks!
    – ivanfoofoo
    Apr 20, 2012 at 16:04

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