With the new Scorepocalypse spin-off from All Zombies Must Die, I have the problem that I am sometimes already at wave 50, but score is still around 100.000 only. Silver Medal is 400.000 Score.

From what I understand, Zombies with status effects ( sonic, fire, mutated etc. ) give the multiplier as long as they live and it drops when zombies with a special status die.

But in the same time, those special zombies are very fast and become a threat pretty quick.

So what is the best strategy to acummulate a high score and multiplier early on and are there any other factors that help?


Since there is no answer yet, I paste the one from the developer of the game on steam forums:

There are a few good ways to improve your multiplier, and therefore your scores, here are some tips:

  1. Collect Z'Orbs, don't get hit by zombies. Z'Orbs contribute to your temporary multiplier (albeit a small amount), however they are knocked back down by a certain percentage every time you get hit. This requires quite some skill, but if you master being hit as little as possible your scores will improve.
  2. Make use of the status effects. I don't just mean keeping zombies on fire or sonified, there are other side effects too. Try spawning a few mutants with radiation and see what happens to your multiplier..
  3. This is an obvious one but challenges, challenges, challenges... the more you complete earlier on in the level, the higher your multiplier stays permanently. The quicker you complete them the faster a new challenge will appear too!
  4. Get rid of those pesky necromancer zombies when they appear... ghosts give no score when killed!

Hope this helps, happy zombie slaying!

Kind regards, Stanith


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