I've been looking for a freeciv setting that would allow me to choose between razing a city when capturing it and keeping the city. Couldn't find it in the options dialog. I'm asking here to make sure I didn't overlook it.

For now, if I want a city destroyed, I'm using a wave of "Poison city" spy attacks which reduces the population to 1. Then the city gets destroyed when I capture it.

Another way to decrease the population to 1 is using nukes, but this is expensive and has a very negative impact on the ecology, so it doesn't suit me.


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According to the Freeciv wiki cities are only destroyed while at level 1. The forums also seem weary of this topic, which implies it is one of those oft-requested, never-to-be implemented features.

This leaves the conclusion that it is not possible to do so.


From the Freeciv issue tracker:

... [Freeciv] 3.0 will introduce the "Destroy City" action. Custom rulesets can use it as an alternative to "Conquer City". The only current use of "Destroy City" in the bundled rulesets is in the rulesets webperimental and sandbox. There it is used to allow Leader (GameLoss) units to order the razing of a domestic city. So a city must first be conquered, then the Leader must move next to it, then the order to raze the city must be given. Note that losing the Leader means game over. Note that you can't build the Leader. You can get the Leader as a start unit. The ruleset webperimental has Leader as a default start unit.

(Posted by: Sveinung Kvilhaugsvik. Source: http://www.hostedredmine.com/issues/852312#note-3)

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