At the end of the game, you are given the option to purchase a bunch of carry over options for a price. The amount you can purchase depends on your actions through the game. If I beat the game again, do I get to carry over the options that I've unlocked previously or do I have to purchase them every time?


Everything you unlock stays unlocked through every subsequent new game+ from the same original save file, including demons, compendium, titles and new game+ points. This thread is essentially the same question and is given this answer, but this same answer is also found elsewhere. When you complete your game for the first time or in new game+'s, you will always be presented with the ability to purchase bonuses and I do not believe you will need to re-purchase bonuses that you've already purchased, but even if you did, as your titles and NG+ points carry over with your save, you will easily be able to afford the same options and more in subsequent new game+'s.

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