In Eve, one can easily look up the base stats for various ships by checking their info pages from the market.

The interceptors are probably the fastest ship class in the game, but it's hard to figure out which interceptor is the fastest after skills and fittings are taken into account.

So assuming the best possible max speed fittings and skills, which ship is the fastest?

  • Currently (as of 11/28/2018) the fastest sustained-speed ship (doesn't run out of cap) is a confessor (tactical destroyer in propulsion mode) with an oversized microwarp drive, snakes, and a booster. It has a sustained speed of 13,000 km/s. It is possible to get other ships slightly faster, but they are not cap stable. – Tyler S. Loeper Nov 28 '18 at 15:04

The Dramiel is the fastest Frigate in EVE.

The Claw is the fastest of the Interceptor group, but a Dramiel running an MWD is faster because of its lower mass, since MWD speed boost is affected by ship mass.

Things that affect speed are

Here's a table with the calculated speeds (base ship speed, max fitted/rigged and MWD, each without skill bonus and finally with all skills at level V3): speed table as image because there's no sane way of posting tables on SE

Here are the results as CSV. They were calculated from a subset of the CCP database export with this Python script, using the speed formulas from the top speed calculation guide and the Aenigma formula for bonus stacking penalties. Some calculated speeds were cross-checked against Pyfa.

1 The speed bonuses from the Overdrive modules and Rigs are subject to severe stacking penalties, making it fairly useless to cram more than 2-3 of these in your ship in total. However for the purpose of finding the fastest ship it was assumed that all ships had their low slots full of Overdrive modules and their Rig slots full of Auxiliary Thrusters. This is not a sensible build to fly around in though.

2 These bonuses affect the velocity directly and therefore don't matter for a ship comparison. They were not taken into account here.

3 Due to neither implants nor Leadership/Gang bonuses being applied, this is not the fastest these ships can go.

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